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Our high-demand course on DITA. This course includes training on basic principles, best practices, practical application, and minimalism for DITA writing professionals.

What we cover

  • Structured authoring
  • Topic Triage (classifying  content)
  • Converting legacy content
  • Writing good topics
  • Core concepts (topic structure, topic types)
  • Reuse (planning, executing, identifying)
  • Referencing (cross references/xrefs, conrefs, keys and keyrefs)
  • Graphics
  • Maps
  • Discussion of advanced topics like specialization, conditional processing, and publishing

All courses include

Sample files, examples, video lectures with complete transcripts, and a pre-set amount of FREE time for a live discussion with an experienced writing professional and mentor. After all, this training is for you. We want you to get the most out of it.

eLearning courses (videos, books, web pages) are great, but you can’t ask them questions. We have found that these kinds of discussions are one of the primary ways that DITA users grow beyond the basic concepts and into professional DITA writers, editors, and information architects.