Business TPC Affinity Groups Membership (Annual)


Annual Subscription. Corporate Members get full access to everything we do, plus 45-minutes private mentoring, and more.

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Subscription billed annually. Business members get access to everything we do.

Up to FIVE staff members can attend the live monthly conference call for each TPC Affinity Group.

Business members also get one free Team Mentoring (1-hour) session that your entire team can attend: You can bring as many people as you want to your private session. Your entire team has access to the forums as well.

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Business members have access to all Affinity Groups

Schedule your team's monthly mentoring session

Additional information

Attendee Limit

Private Mentoring: Unlimited; Conference Calls: 5 staff members

Group Choice

Includes all three: Techcomm, Arbortext, and Windchill Content Management

Meeting Access

Access to ALL Mastermind Group conference calls for up to 5 staff members.

Renewal Term


Private Mentoring

Yes, 1-hour per month, does not roll over. Attendee limit: NONE, bring as many team members as you wish.

Session Recordings

Yes, private sessions can be recorded and downloaded for rewatching later on.

Forum Access

Unlimited access to all forums for your entire team

Private Forum

Yes, for your entire team

Online courses

Full access to all online courses


Access to all public channels and all private mastermind channels for your entire team

Response time


New Projects

Early access to new projects we develop before they are made available to the general public


25% training and workshops; discounted rate on services. Extended payment terms.

Terms and Limitations

5 staff members on conference calls, no limitations on any other benefit.

4 reviews for Business TPC Affinity Groups Membership (Annual)

  1. Claire

    Being able to learn how others approached a similar problem and solved them means I don’t have to make the same mistakes.

  2. Robin

    I never know what the topics will be, but I always learn something new.

  3. Michael

    This is one meeting our team never misses! One of us is always there. The learning for us is priceless!

  4. Luke

    There’s a dynamic that is so unique in the mastermind group meetings that you can’t find anywhere else.

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