Independent Verification Services

An independent review that you can be confident in. Have our experts vet what a consultant or reseller has quoted and know that the quote matches your needs or whether a product configuration exists that better fits your situation. No one likes spending money they don't need to spend.


If you have questions about what a reseller has quoted you form a products or services perspective, book an Independent Verification service appointment and we will confirm your needs against the quote that an Arbortext sales professional has provided to you.

We will let you know if we feel the quote matches the need or whether there is a product configuration that better fits your situation. Because we are not part of the product sale, we can provide an independent review of your situation that you can be confident in. No one likes surprises, especially if they've already spent money they didn't need to spend.

About us

We are the leading independent source of information about Arbortext software. We have no financial relationship with the product or PTC. Our deep understanding of the product suite–it’s functionality, strengths, and weaknesses–comes from decades of experience as customers and former partners.

We are the only producers of books, videos, and programs to support the Arbortext community that were not written, commissioned, or otherwise created through a compensation agreement with PTC.

When you combine our Arbortext knowledge, our passion for empowering others, and our experience with nearly every other competitive XML publishing product out there, you find that our knowledge, services, and insight into DITA and XML authoring and publishing tools and practices is unmatched in the industry.



Additional information

License types

Arbortext software products come in locked and floating subscription licenses depending on the product.


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