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Grow your skills, feed your mind, and do it at your own pace

Books, videos, forums, everything Arbortext and Techcomm professionals need in the modern world

Our commitment to sharing technical knowledge, encouraging others to expand their skills, and working to build connections in the technical communication community is unmatched.


Nourish your mind

Whether it's books, videos, online courses, or mentoring through our ground-breaking speed consulting, you will find what you need to nourish your mind, your skills, and your career, so you're ready to step forward into the future.


Sustain your reserves

Buy online at your convenience books and mentoring sessions that support your budget—whether financial, skills-based, or time-limited, or stress-based. We even have trinkets designed to sustain and replenish your good humor.

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Arbortext Care

Users in need of specialized Arbortext care solutions can find the answers they need, on-demand, with a personal focus, for every part of the Arbortext Product suite. Here you can find books, mentoring, and more.

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TC Dojo and Arbortext Monster Garage books by Single-Sourcing Solutions. These book series are designed to share information that improves the capabilities of technical communicators everywhere. Get all the books from both series right here!

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Mentoring Sessions

Through our mentoring sessions, you can direct your path in an efficient way rather than leaving everything to chance. We’re doers not trainers. We teach others to do what we do not simply where to click. Mentoring session types vary by topic and duration. Choose the one that’s right for you.

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Choose the TPC Affinity Group membership option that’s best for you. Are you a writer, stylesheet designer, or architect either working alone or the only one performing your role on your team? Do you have team that’s doing something new and have more than one person learning new roles? Not sure which to pick? Compare the benefits or talk to the concierge.


We’ve given various things away at conferences and presentations, and it’s always either related to the specific topic at hand or techcomm humor. If you missed finding us in the wild, you can still get one of our give aways for free. Simply pay the shipping and handling costs.

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