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Formatting in generated content regions on pages changed in Arbortext Styler 8.0. Stylesheets that used tables for formatting in headers, footers, and other generated content regions saw changes in their output. Tables aren't really for formatting; they're for tabular content. So those of us who work with stylesheets weren't really surprised. In this session, we'll take a stylesheet that used tables and rework it into a more robust, stable stylesheet that uses the side-by-side feature. General course description.


Previous Experience Required: Attendees should have previous experience using both Arbortext Editor and Styler.

Software Required: Attendees must have their own licensed copy of Arbortext Styler ready and installed to use during the class; attendees who are interested in Arbortext but do not have a license may attend and observe.

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Class dates: November 1st, 2022