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Learn the basics for authoring MIL-STD 40051 (40051-2C, 40051-2D) technical content. Topics include: Introduction to authoring for defense; Understanding how to write documents that meet 40051 standards, with a particular focus in how to read and get around in the specification; Working with documents, work packages, modules, etc; Cross-references and linking; Entities and file management; Tables and graphics; Collaborative writing, content management, shared authoring; Resources; and more.


This class is lectured instruction into MIL-STD 40051 projects and the specification itself.

Previous Experience Required: No previous Arbortext or XML authoring experience necessary.

Software Required: No software required.

Note: Pricing reflects GSA schedule.

Note: If you see “There are no appointment types available for scheduling”, it means that the class is full or registration has closed.