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SRCTec is a turnkey manufacturing solutions company specializing in the cost-effective production of high quality, high reliability and advanced military electro-mechanical products. While the military is a large portion of their customer base, they also serve a significant commercial clientele. A large portion of the information they produce is relevant to both sides.

Once the defense industry began requiring structured source files in addition to PDF, they have been authoring on dual tracks, 40051 and unstructured in Word. The cost of running parallel authoring and the frustration of this was driving SRC to find a better way. That is when they reached out to Single-Sourcing Solutions for help.
In a few short weeks, they have gone from zero  knowledge to expert skills and have built and developed their own Arbortext Styler stylesheet to produce commercial publications from the single source.

In this session they will share their experience, scrambled examples, and discuss the challenges that they have overcome.


Janice Summers (Single-Sourcing Solutions), Tim Kernan (SRCTec), Andrew Failla (SRCTec)

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