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Arbortext Styler uses User Formatting Elements (UFEs) to aid stylesheet designers accomplish any number of tasks. UFEs are elements you can manufacture, inserting them into the document, to capture, move, or use to generate content to simplify–or further differentiate–styling tasks. In this session, we'll use UFEs for a couple of different tasks, simple and complex, so you can get a handle on how versatile and useful they can be to stylesheet designers.


This class is a combination of lectures mixed with examples and hands-on exercises.

Previous Experience Required: Attendees should have previous experience using Arbortext Styler.

Software Required: Attendees must have their own licensed copy of Arbortext Styler ready and installed to use during the class. Attendees who are interested in Arbortext but do not have a license may attend and observe.

Registration Closed

Class dates: October 11, 2023