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Installing Flex Licensing


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      This process assumes that the License Server and Arbortext Editor (and/or Styler) are installed on the same machine.

      Step 1. Go to PTC.com and assign a license to the mac address of the machine you want to license

      Note the SON attached to that license

      Step 2. Wait until that license arrives in your email

      Create a new folder on the machine named: C:\flexlm

      Copy the license file that comes to you (not the *_standard one, the other one) into this folder. Do not rename it.

      Note the fully-qualified path to this file; You will need this in Step 5.

      Step 3. Install Flex Licensing Application, using the SON you noted in Step 1.

      Note the name of the license server: It will say something like: 7788@machinename

      You will need this in Step 5.

      Step 4. Locate the installed Flex license

      It will be in a folder like this: C:\Program Files\PTC\FLEXnet Admin License Server\bin\license.dat

      You will need this in Step 5.

      Step 5. Add environment variable, using the values captured in Steps 2, 3, and 4

      Create a SYSTEM variable
      Value: 7788@machinename;C:\Program Files\PTC\FLEXnet Admin License Server\bin\license.dat;C:\flexlm\lm_######_######.txt

      ** Be sure to use the correct names not these specific placeholders.

      Step 6. Wait

      Give it 10 minutes if you can for everything to come up and be established

      Step 7. Install Arbortext Editor (and/or Styler)

      Run the setup.exe (as an admin)

      Only install those applications you licensed in Step 1.

      Step 8. Wait

      Give it 10 minutes if you can. This waiting can be essential whenever you reboot as well. Windows takes some time to load everything. It’s not instantaneous at boot time.

      Step 9. Launch Editor (or Styler)

      Depending on which application you installed and licensed, you should now be able to launch without issue.

      Step 10

      Keep a copy of the flex license installer software in your My Documents folder. Periodically you may need to use it to reactivate or reinstall the license in the future. This is a known bug but report it to PTC whenever it happens anyway. Maybe if enough people submit the bug they’re force Macromedia to fix it.


      Submit a bug report to PTC

      Send us an email.

      In a pinch, you can use the contact form: http://contact.single-sourcing.com

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