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Working with DITA Maps in Arbortext

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      S3I Staff

      In Arbortext 7.0, creating, editing, and manipulating DITA maps is easy to do! In this TC Dojo: Arbortext Edition, we cover the basics for creating, managing, and using maps in Arbortext Editor.

      We show you how to insert all kinds of DITA content: Topics, Concepts, References, Tasks, other maps and more!

      We explain the Resource Manager, several ways to create new topics and manage or insert existing topics.

      If there’s time, we will discuss how you can create your own templates to create stub documents that get you started quickly creating standard information structures.

      By the end, you’ll be a pro at working with DITA maps in Arbortext.

      NOTE: Don't worry! This video will play free. Just hit the play button!

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