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XUI (XML-based User Interface) Dialogs

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      Elizabeth Fraley

      XUI dialogs can do a lot more than pretty up your Arbortext environment. When combined with Java, Javascript, or ActiveX, XUI dialogs in Arbortext become powerful ways to affect the UI, the document, the environment, and the publishing pipeline. XUIs can be used for:

      • Dialog box creation, display, and manipulation using XML syntax
      • Based on Mozilla’s XUL (XML User Interface language)
      • Supports W3C XML Events for event handling
      • Dialog components can be manipulated using the DOM (Document Object Model)

      In the Arbortext Monster Garage we did two sessions on XUI Dialogs:

      1. A Trip to the XUI: Basic XUI Dialogs by Jason Aiken
      2. Café con UI: Integrating XUI Dialogs with a Java Backend by Clay Helberg

      Jason’s video was more interactive but he provided sample files. Clay’s slides were more detailed. We’ve combined the slides, included both videos, and a link to the sample files so you can get started.

      Get the Sample Files

      Download Jason’s Samples (ZIP)

      View the Slides

      Watch the videos

      Jason Aiken, Recorded: July 15, 2010

      Clay Helberg, Recorded: July 29, 2010

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