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Installing PE


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      Before Getting Started

      • Download Arbortext Software. Make sure the Arbortext SW is downloaded and copied to the machine.
      • Generate an Arbortext license
      • Get any additional software you need

      Additional Software

      If you have questions, check the PE Installation Guide to determine the version of Tomcat and Java that will be part of the install

      For example, 6.0 M040 required:

      • Tomcat 6.033 (apache-tomcat-6_0_33)
      • JRE 6.0 Update 29 (1.6.0_29-b11)

      The Software Distribution from PTC may include Tomcat but it will not include Java. Oracle changed licensing terms and now requires fees for Java distribution in 2019. You are now required to get Java/licenses yourself before you can install Arbortext.

      General Process

      1. Create User with on-server Admin privileges
      2. Request license
      3. Get mac address
      4. Plug mac address into licensing application at ptc.com
      5. Wait for email
      6. Install FlexLM/License
      7. Install a PostScript printer and make sure it is set to “default” printer (Windows Control Panel)
      8. Install JVM (see Software Matrix Document on PTC website)
      9. Install Tomcat
      10. Install PE
      11. Test PE

      Testing PE

      Check the status/diagnostics page on your PE server

      Use a web browser to open the URL for the diagnostics/status page, which should be something like: http://server:port/e3

      Launch the PE Config, choose Tomcat tab, and Launch Test Page.  Run a couple of the tests at the bottom of the page (RTF, PDF, etc..)

      APE is here for AE clients:


      Don’t forget to replace localhost with the correct URL location.

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